Lesson series

Individual coaching

Get guidance and support along your journey designing your life.
Available anywhere through Zoom

What's included?

  • 6 hours of individual coaching
  • English, French or Italian
  • Time dedicated to you
  • Empathy and expertise
  • Flexible schedule
  • Available anywhere through Zoom

Be accountable

We will help you keep on track and move forward towards your goals.

Be challenged

We will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and reach your stretch goals.
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* Unless agreed upon, individual coaching must be taken within two months from the beginning of the course.
Meet the COACH

Luisa Colombo

People & Organizational Developer, Agile HR Practitioner.
English, Italian & French

I am passionate about people, their development and the mechanics of human being interactions. Curious and enthusiastic by nature, I like exploring new options and opportunities and my life-view looks like an exciting learning journey. I enjoy constantly asking myself and my coachees: “What do you want to grow into next?”

With a solid background in economics, I have more than 15 years’ experience working within organizations, mainly in HR functions. I combine my background in human resources, coaching and organizational development, with innovative Agile practices.

I have coached leaders and teams to unlock their potential, learn new skills and find innovative ways to boost their performance. I have helped executives and professionals to take ownership, design their career and shape their future.
Luisa Colombo - Career coach
Meet the COACH

John Elbing

Strategy coach, Facilitator, Design Thinker, Storyteller.
English & French
My why is understanding and helping others understand.Born in the US, raised in Switzerland, I have zigged and zagged through many different professions, jobs and training programs, building an expansive toolkit to help you grow your business, your life.
I have been continuously designing my life, without using that term. I love to help others do the same.
I have an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in finance and several certifications, notably in design thinking and the storytelling framework StoryBrand. I have worked in marketing, project management and launched two startups. I have coached dozens of entrepreneurs and executives.
John Elbing - Entrepreneur coach
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