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Luisa Colombo

LinkedInPeople & Organizational Developer, Agile HR Practitioner.
English, Italian & French

I am passionate about people, their development and the mechanics of human being interactions. Curious and enthusiastic by nature, I like exploring new options and opportunities and my life-view looks like an exciting learning journey. I enjoy constantly asking myself and my coachees: “What do you want to grow into next?”

With a solid background in economics, I have more than 15 years’ experience working within organizations, mainly in HR functions. I combine my background in human resources, coaching and organizational development, with innovative Agile practices.

I have coached leaders and teams to unlock their potential, learn new skills and find innovative ways to boost their performance. I have helped executives and professionals to take ownership, design their career and shape their future.


John Elbing

Strategy coach, Facilitator, Design Thinker, Storyteller.
English & French

My why is understanding and helping others understand.
Born in the US, raised in Switzerland, I have zigged and zagged through many different professions, jobs and training programs, building an expansive toolkit to help you grow your business, your life.
I have been continuously designing my life, without using that term. I love to help others do the same.
I have an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in finance and several certifications, notably in design thinking and the storytelling framework StoryBrand. I have worked in marketing, project management and launched two startups. I have coached dozens of entrepreneurs and executives.


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