No better time to
choose the life that makes you happy. 

Over 55? Anxious for the future?
Our book will open your perspectives and help you chose the life that makes you happy.
Retirement is not the end.

You want to be happy for the next 30+ years. But...

Retirement used to look good

The closer you get to the consume-before date, the scarier it is.

You feel stuck on a fixed path

Impossible to switch now! Grit your teeth and wait it out.

Are you happy with your days?

You start to take stock. Is your job fulfilling? Does it bring you joy? 

What will be your legacy?

You are looking for meaning. What is your purpose?

How do we help?

We have built and tested a structured method which will take you through the steps towards choosing the life you want. Here is a view of the six phases of your journey.

Ready for a change?

Are you unsatisfied? Are you looking more meaning or just different? Are you willing to explore other life options?

Who are you today?

Do your "work" and "life" views align? What gives you energy? What is important, money, impact, expression? Where do you thrive? What are your superpowers?

What's the problem?

What do you want to change? Make that explicit by understanding what you can change, reframing your situation and writing your problem statement.

What's the dream?

What do you want to be remembered for? What skills and experiences can you leverage? What are your - practical or crazy - ideas for paths toward the future?

What's it really like?

How can you pre-live your imagined future? Experiment through actual life experiences to test-run your plan. Map out the attractiveness of each.

Now what?

How do you move forward? How do you keep on track? Who could accompany you, keep you accountable along the way? 

We have helped people like you

As facilitators

We have been running the "Build your next step" course since 2020 to help people reinvent themselves. 
We are now concentrating on the specific issues of the 55+.

As coaches

Luisa is a leadership and career coach. She has helped numerous people advance toward their goals.
John is a startup coach. He has helped numerous people develop their project.

As people

Both authors have had unconventional career paths. They have acquired new skills, tried new things, changed direction and built a life that makes them happy.

Meet the authors

Luisa Colombo

People & Organizational Developer, Agile HR Practitioner.
I am passionate about people, their development and the mechanics of human being interactions. Curious and enthusiastic by nature, I like exploring new options and opportunities and my life-view looks like an exciting learning journey. I enjoy constantly asking myself and my coachees: “What do you want to grow into next?”

With a solid background in economics, I have more than 15 years’ experience working within organizations, mainly in HR functions. I combine my background in human resources, coaching and organizational development, with innovative Agile practices.

I have coached leaders and teams to unlock their potential, learn new skills and find innovative ways to boost their performance. I have helped executives and professionals to take ownership, design their career and shape their future.


John Elbing

Strategy coach, Facilitator, Design Thinker, Storyteller.
My why is understanding and helping others understand.
Born in the US, raised in Switzerland, I have zigged and zagged through many different professions, jobs and training programs, building an expansive toolkit to help you grow your business, your life.

I have been continuously designing my life, without using that term. I love to help others do the same.

I have an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in finance and several certifications, notably in design thinking and the storytelling framework StoryBrand. I have worked in marketing, project management and launched two startups. I have coached dozens of entrepreneurs and executives.


We need your help

We want to get this right, right for you. 
We need to be sure to fully understand your situations, your regrets, your frustrations, your fears, your dreams, your constraints.
If you are concerned and interested in our goal, we would love to hear from you.

We are creating a crew of like minded individuals to help us help as many people as possible.

Here's the deal:
You join the "No better time" crew
You get to see and use our material before anyone else
You give us your brutally honest feedback
You are listed as contributors in the book
  • Stay stuck on the same old track
  • Think your options are limited
  • Resign yourself to a life you don’t want
  • Think this is an end

There are options
  • Career coaches
  • Outplacement services
  • Personal development programs.

This book will combine the best of these programs. And adds a few more things:
  • Combination of work and life development
  • Structured steps
  • Reusable tools and skills
  • Peer insights & support
YOU, after reading and applying the book's c

With this course, you will transform your life

Increased confidence

Stop worrying about what could happen. Feel confident that you can decide your life.

Sense of freedom

Stop feeling stuck in your situation. Experience the sensation of having the freedom of choice.

Being in control

Others don't decide for you. You have control over your future.

Look forward to Monday

No more Sunday evening blues as the week approaches. Look forward to the coming week.

Feel joy

Get out of your rut. Feel the joy of possibility of a new beginning.

Renewed energy

No more drudgery. Tackle your activities with renewed energy.
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